Ariel Atkins

Арiель Аткiнс
Super League (Women)
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Career: Duncanville High School (2013-2014), University of Texas (2014-2018), "Washington Mystics", WNBA, USA (2018-2021, with breaks), "Gorzow Wielkopolski" Poland (2018-2019), "Perth Links" Australia (2019-2020), Izmit Belediyespor, Turkey (2020), Elazig Ozel Idare, Turkey (2020).

Trophies and achievements: 2020 Olympic Games champion, WNBA champion (2019), WNBA Eastern Conference champion (2018), WNBA Eastern Conference regular championship champion (2019), second place in the Big-12 - 3 regular conference championship (2016-2018), silver medalist of the conference Big-12 - 3 (2015-2016, 2018), silver medalist of the Polish Championship (2019), was included in the second symbolic five players of the WNBA - 3 (2018-2020) defense plan, was included in the first symbolic five players of the Big conference -12 (2017/2018), was in the first symbolic five players of the defensive plan of the conference Big-12 - 2 (2017-2018), a player of the US national team (2020-2021).