On the first day of the AYBL Final four "Prometey" (born in 2010)lost to SCYSSORN5 (Dnipro)

Вюбл 2010

BC Prometey (born in 2010) - SCYSSORN5 - 67:83 (16:16, 16:17, 11:29, 24:21).

May 11. AYBL. 1/2 finals. Khmelnytskyi. SC “Novator”. 20 spectators.

🔺 BC Prometey: Konovnitsyn (20 points + 13 rebounds), Topchiy (2), Tymchenko, captain (15 + 25 rebounds), Serdiuk (10), Tomak (17 + 10 rebounds) - starting five; Zhyvytsa (0), Mamontov (0), Kostin (0), Mekenya (0), Redkin (0), Starokoltsev (3).

Today, on May 11, “Prometey” basketball school players born in 2010 were the first of the club's three youth teams to start the Final Four of the All-Ukrainian Youth Basketball League in their age category. In the first semi-final match, young “Prometey” players clashed with their geographical neighbours from the SCYSSOR N5 of Dnipro.

The teams know each other very well, and the boys from Dnipro were the strongest today- 83:67.

The game was very equal in the first half. In the course of the second quarter, “Prometey” took a 9-point lead, however, before the long break, they missed a 1:11 run.

Quarter N3, was completely under control of the team from Dnipro and was won by them with a score of 29:11. To Ruslan Orishchuk's credit, in the final ten-minute segment, they did their best to change the flow of the game, winning the quarter, by one-possession.

There was a rare occurrence in basketball: three players from the losing team made a double-double. Makar Konovnitsyn had 20 points and 13 rebounds, captain Rodion Tymchenko had 15 points and 25 (!) rebounds, and Artem Tomak had 17 points and 10 rebounds.

Tomorrow, in the match for the AYBL 3rd place, Prometey will play against the loser of the second semi-final - SCC-Ploskyriv (Khmelnytsky) - SCYSS (Uzhhorod).