"Prometey" attained the fifth victory in the 7DAYS EuroCup in a row

"Фрутти Бурсаспор" - "Прометей"

BC "Frutti Extra Bursaspor" (Bursa, Turkey) - BC "Prometey" - 92:94 (22:23, 26:27, 21:25, 23:19). January 25. 7DAYS EuroCup group tournament. Group A. Tour 12. Bursa (Turkey). "Tofas Spor Salonu".

BC "Frutti Extra Bursaspor": Saybir* (9), Auguste* (16 + 7 rebounds), Clemmons* (13 + 5 assists + 3 steals), Dudzinski* (17), Needham* (20), Duverioglu (9 + 7 rebounds), Bitim (8), Al Omer (0), Taskiran (0).

BC "Prometheus": Kennedy* (5 + 4 assists), Balvin* (12 + 12 rebounds), Clavell* (14), Lukashov*, captain (0), Stephens* (18), Agada (27 + 4 steals) , Klassen (2 + 4 assists), Lukashov, captain (0), Sanon (7), Lypovyy (0), Tkachenko (3), Dickey (6).

Recent successes of “Prometey” in the 7DAYS EuroCup regular season allowed our team to create a comfortable three-win gap from the 9th place in our group, which would not permit to participate in the play-off. All our team’s eyes are currently fixed at the very top of the tournament standings. As a reminder, sitting the highest possible place according to the first stage results, means getting the weaker rival, at least “on paper”, from the Group B in the 1/8 final of the EuroCup. Today, the best club of Ukraine made another try to enter the group of leaders of ten teams. However, in addition to the victory in Turkish Bursa over the local “Frutti Extra Bursaspor”, at least the failure of French "Bourg" against "Lietkabelis" in Lithuanian Panevezys was necessary. The matches in Bursa and Panevezys started simultaneously.

The debut of confrontation turned out to be difficult for our team. At the beginning of the 4th minute, they conceded 0:8, herewith, American legionary of “Bursaspor” Zach Auguste recorded 6 points at once in his asset. Caleb Agada, who sparked with 7 points in one minute, did not allowed the rivals to break away. At the beginning of the 6th minute, Caleb brought “Prometey” ahead for the first time – 13:11. In the first quarter, our legionary was just unstoppable, having scored 18 points (!). By and large, the guests won the first quarter, 23:22, thanks to his efforts, in particular his accurate three-point shot before the first break.

He continued sparking in the second quarter as well. After his another successful attack from the perimeter, Ronen Ginzburg’s team broke away by 5 points – 40:35. For the long break, “Prometey” also went in the status of a leader. – 50:48. In terms of effectiveness, Gian Clavell supported Agada. Attacks were well organised by Marek Klassen, Ivan Tkachenko was very useful in defense.

After the 15-minute break, the hosts of the court, due to the Derek Needham’s efforts, improved their percentage of three-pointers. It helped “Bursaspor” to take the lead back, but it was purely nominal. Not only Needham but also DJ Stephens (11 points in the quarter) succeeded in shots and is was good news for “Prometey”!

However, in the 35th minute, “Bursaspor” was in lead again (84:80). The teams entered the last minute with a minimal advantage of Turkish team (92:91). At the most necessary moment, Caleb Agada, who was "silent" for the entire second half of the game, hit from a long range! And in the last seconds of the match, the whole team acted brilliantly in defense. Victory of "Prometey" - 94:92!

Already in one week, on February 1, “red and white” will hold another EuroCup game. At their home arena in Riga, our team will host Spanish “Joventut”.

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"Прометей" здобув п'яту перемогу поспіль у 7DAYS EuroCup!
"Прометей" здобув п'яту перемогу поспіль у 7DAYS EuroCup!
"Прометей" здобув п'яту перемогу поспіль у 7DAYS EuroCup!