"Prometey" beat "Slask Wroclaw" and became the winner of the Adam Wojcik Memorial!


BC “Slask Wroclaw” (Poland) – BC “Prometey – 72:73 (16:23, 22:18, 19:18, 15:14)

September 13. Wroclaw (Poland). The 6th AdamWojcik Memorial. Hala Orbita.

BC “Prometey”: Reed, Keene, Lypovyy, Voinalovych, Odiase – starting five; Sydorov (captain), Balvin, Bobrov, Tkachenko, Belikov.

“Prometey” played its second encounter of the Adam Wojcik Memorial against the multiple champion of Poland BC “Slask Wroclaw”. Last season, “Slask” lost the championship title to yesterday’s opponent of “titans” BC “King Szczecin” and was not able to make it to the EuroCup playoffs. Already in several weeks, Polish club as well as “Prometey” has to start in the prestigious continental club tournament. Thus, both teams considered today’s confrontation as an important part of pre-season preparations. At the same time, they could not care about hiding something from the opponent since they will play the first EuroCup stage in different groups.

“Prometey” started the duel confidently with the same starting five as yesterday (Reed, Keene, Lypovyy, Voinalovych, Odiase). Already in 6th minute, a handicap of Ukrainian club reached a double-digit mark (15:5). Again, Tai Odiase, Marcus Keene, Illia Sydorov acted at their high level. The players of the “red-and-white’s” back line confidently attacked the opponent's ring from afar, and Tai Odiase surpassed the opponents in their "paint".

“Slask” started groping their game already in the second ten-minute segment. In the 13th minute, after a three-pointer by Daniel Golebiowski, there was just one possession between the teams (26:23 in favour of “Prometey”). However, our team did not lose the initiative. Marcus Keene demonstrated his real leadership qualities in the second five-minute segment of the quarter. His excellent individual drive and assists to Davon Reed brought “Prometey” the necessary points. A spectacular multi-way combination of the guests, which was completed by Vyacheslav Bobrov after a pass by Ondzey Balvin, put the end to the first half of the game - 41:38 in favour of "Prometey".

“Slask” managed to catch up with our team already in the middle of the third quarter – 50:50. Shooters of the hosts found their throws, which resulted in the first leading in the match. However, “Prometey” went for the last break, as well as for the all previous ones, with an advantage in score – 59:57. Illia Sydorov hit a very timely long-range shot. Ondrej Balvin succeeded in his actions on both backboards.

Tension on the court was not dwindling through all final ten-minute segment. The teams entered the last two minutes of the game with a tie score 68:68. Davon Reed was a hero of the last seconds of this exciting confrontation. Hic accurate three-pointer and a rebound on the own backboard decided the destiny of the match – 73:72 in favour of “Prometey”!

Ukrainian club became the only participant of the Adam Wojcik Memorial, who won both matches of the tournament. After a final bazzer, the captain of “Prometey” Illia Sydorov got the main prize from the hands of the tournament organizers! 

Next week, our team awaits another representative international tournament. On September 22 and 23, In Turkish Izmir, it will play against two local clubs – “Darusafaka” and “Pinar Karsiyaka”.

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