"Prometey" (born in 2010) sat in third place of the AYBL defeating "Ploskyriv"

2010 вюбл

BC Prometey (born in 2010) - SC Ploskyriv (Khmelnytskyi) (born in 2010) - 82:74 (22:12, 28:17, 15:15, 17:30).

May 12. AYBL. Match for 3rd place. Khmelnytskyi. SC “Novator”. 60 spectators.

BC Prometey: Konovnitsyn (29 points + 36 rebounds + 5 blocked shots), Topchiy (1 + 4 assists + 5 steals), Starokoltsev (10), Serdiuk (14), Tomak (23 + 10 rebounds) - starting five; Mamontov (0), Kostin (0), Redkin (5).

Today, on May 12, the students of the basketball school “Prometey” born in 2010 won third place in the All-Ukrainian Youth Basketball League, defeating Ploskyriv from Khmelnytskyi.

“Prometey” players had a good first half against the hosts of the Final Four. During the first three quarters, young “Prometey” players managed to gain a significant margin and enter the last quarter with a +21, but “Ploskyriv” had a strong final 10-minute segment and was about making comeback. With 2:30 left to go, “Prometey” led by only 2 points but managed to maintain the final advantage.

It is worth noting the statistics of one of our team leaders Makar Konovnitsyn, who scored 29 points, made 36 (!) rebounds and 5 blocked shots in the bronze medal match.