Prometey disbands all the club's teams and refuses from the participation in Champions League!

СК "Прометей" розпускає всі команди клубу та знімається з участі у Лізі чемпіонів!

President of Prometey Volodymyr Dubynskyi announced the dissolution of all teams of the club and the refusal of the men's basketball team to participate in the Champions League:

"Dear friends, fans and supporters of Prometey. Today there is a war in our Ukraine. We have made a difficult but sure decision to disband all Prometey teams and refuse from participation of the Prometey men's team in the Champions League. Nowadays, all our money, resources and forces are aimed at defending Ukraine, supporting our Armed Forces and territorial defense, we will definitely win! Everything will be Ukraine! Other things are posponed.

P.S. From now on, I have made a decision for myself personally and issued an order for all our enterprises, that I and all of us must and will speak only Ukrainian. This is my final civic position.

Glory to Ukraine!"