Volodymyr Dubynskyi: "Thank you for such an important win! Thanks a lot to every player"

Прометей Аріс

The founder of BC "Prometey” Volodymyr Dubynskyi congratulated the team on reaching the EuroCup quarterfinals!

BC "Prometey" enters the EuroCup quarterfinal stages, having gained an undeniable victory over the Greek "Aris".

Guys, confident beautiful victory! From the first minutes, you secured the advantage and did not give the opponent a single chance. You played for fun, giving every single spectator, and today thousands of them came to see the game, incredible emotions from watching great basketball.

So, we take a step further and enter the quarterfinal stage of the EuroCup, where we will clash with French "Burg". Thank you for the game and for such an important victory!

Many thanks to every player, and especially to Oleksandr Lypovy, who came out injured and helped the team. Respect to Ivan Tkachenko and Gian Clavell. You all, as before, were united as one piece!
Ondrej Balvin, Ronald March, Caleb Agada, Issuf Sanon, Tai Odiase, Denys Lukashov - you have done it, you are "Prometey". Thank you!

But today, I would like to express my special gratitude to our fans, among whom were the most valuable ones!

Today, more than 50 warriors from various units came to see the game of BC “Prometey”, some are undergoing rehabilitation in Riga, some are on training. Thank you for accepting the invitation. Thank you for every minute of our life!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Only "Prometey"! Only victory!"