Vote for the "Prometey" players in the starting fives of All-star match of the Windrose Superleague!

Голосуй за гравців "Прометея" у стартових п'ятірках Матчу зірок Суперліги Windrose!

The voting to determine participants of the All-stars match is going on on the site of the Windrose Superleague.

The main show of the season of the elite division will take place on February 19 in the capital's Palace of Sports. Start at 14:00.

The stars of the Legion and the stars of Ukraine will meet in the main match of the event.

- Voting is divided into four blocks: the back line of the Ukrainian team, the front line of the Ukrainian team, the back line of the Legion team, the front line of the Legion team.

- Each voter will have the opportunity to choose two players for each team for the back line, and three players for the front line.

- Each team of the Windrose Superleague can be represented by not more than 5 Ukrainians and 5 legionaries (two for the back line and three for the front one). If the team doesn't have relevant number of players to elect from, its representation will be smaller

- The clubs in the voting will be represented by the players who had the best statistics in the two rounds of the regular championship of the Windrose Superleague (the key indicator is the efficiency rating).

- Two players in the back lines and three in the front ones, who will receive the most votes, will get a place in the starting fives of the teams of Ukraine and the Legion.

Would you like to see Prometey players at the All-Star Game? Then choose your team using this link.

The starting fives of the teams will be determined based on the results of the fans' voting. Then the 5 players who will join the teams of Ukraine and the Legion will be determined by the captains of the Windrose Superleague clubs. They will not be able to vote for their teammates. The organizer of the event, the Basketball Federation of Ukraine, will determine two more participants of the star match in the teams.

Vote for Prometey players! Our guys are waiting for your support!